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when you make a joke and someone tells you “that’s not very nice”


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Jennifer Aniston’s reaction when they randomly started playing the Friends theme song during the We’re the Millers gag reel

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How I talk:

25% swearing,

25% sarcasm

50% a combination of both.

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remember there is a spider that can spin a web thick enough to stop a train, and scientists have figured out how to record our dreams so we can re watch them. u probably have a couple of mongolian war lord atoms in u and a hummingbird can recall every single flower it has visited. there is so much to know and find out if we keep on living. u can do it friends :)

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if a plant is sad do other plants photosympathize with it?

 ”i chlorofeel you man”

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What the fuck

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goats are literally Masters of Physics


goats are literally Masters of Physics


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